Our products are currently undergoing a vigorous testing trial before we take them to market.
Please be patient and send us your contact information to be informed of the product launch.

Wildfire Watch, Inc.

Wildfire Watch, Inc. offers affordable wildfire sensing technology for small to very large national and state parks, campgrounds, power line corridors, forested communities, etc.  Wherever wildfires are a possibility, our products are your best defense for early detection.

 The world is getting warmer and more wildfires are consuming our planet’s resources.  As more wildfires burn, more greenhouse gases are emitted, which contributes to the world warming, and still more wildfires start, all in one horrendous vicious circle.  Thousands of acres of beautiful forest are lost, life and property are lost or destroyed.  There seems to be no end in sight.  We feel frustrated that we can do nothing, or that whatever help me might offer seems like too little, too late.

We have created a way for people to help the global effort to reduce wildfires in a meaningful way, a way that is affordable, and in which hundreds to thousands of people could participate quickly and effect a real and permanent change.

Our vision is to enable people (and governmental agencies) of even modest means to easily deploy inexpensive sensors to detect the likelihood of a wildfire through the constant measurement of air temperatures in the immediate vicinity.  Our sensors utilize highly sensitive thermistors and communicate via wireless sensor networks, together with artificial intelligence tools, to alert the public, government agencies, power line companies, property owners, etc. of the likelihood of a wildfire.

You aren’t the only one who wants to DO SOMETHING, and in numbers there is strength, so we show you a way (see Deployment) to work with your neighbors, friends, and fellow concerned citizens to deploy hundreds to thousands of sensors in even a huge area such as the largest national forest in America, the Tongass National Forest (which would only take about 260 sensors).  Our sensors could measure more parameters, but that would raise the cost significantly, and our goal has been to put wildfire detection in the hands of everybody.  We think you will agree.