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To request a price quote for implementing a Wildfire Watch Sensor Network in a forest or grassland region, please send us as much of the following information as you can.  We will prepare a proforma invoice for you to review and approve before billing and finalizing the sale.

1)  If your primary language is not English, please let us know if you can communicate in Spanish, French or Italian and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

2)  The name of the forest or region you are interested in, as it is publicly known or how you identify it.

3)  The exact or approximate latitude and longitude of the boundaries of the area of your interest.

4)  A description of the area, or link(s) to Web sites describing the area.

5)  If you know exactly how many sensors you are interested in, or if you have a range of affordability, let us know that, too, using the Pricing guidelines.

5)  Tell us if you’d rather install the network yourself, or if you are interested in us installing it.

6)  If you know of specific people or agencies that you would like alerted in the case of a suspected wildfire, in addition to yourself, please give us those contact names, phone numbers, and email addresses, if you have them.  Please make sure they give you permission, first!

7)  In finalizing the sale, we will send you an invoice via email, which will give you a link to our PayPal site for payment.  You may use PayPal or any of the usual credit cards (e.g., MasterCard, Visa, etc.).  You do not have to be a subscriber to PayPal in order to finalize the payment.

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