Deployment Strategy

If you are deploying just a few sensors, you can probably do it yourself without a problem.  However, if you are deploying many sensors over a large area, like a national park, you likely will need some help.  How about FREE help!  Here is a suggested way to do this.  Let’s say you want to deploy sensors throughout Sequoia National Park (with the agreement of the Nation Park Service, of course, which will require a permit).  You can go to and start a Meetup Group.  After you register and say where you are located, you will see a screen with the following.  We plugged in some suggested topics, but you can supply your own:

Next, you will be asked to describe what your group will do.  Lucky you!  We’ve already supplied some text you can use or start with.  Items in brackets, of course, are meant for you to fill in.

Meetup Group Description

This is a group for tree climbers, forest adventurers, hikers, nature lovers, outdoor fitness freaks, campers, adventure hikers, single adventurers and weekend adventurers.  This group will be asked to deploy new state-of-the-art wildfire sensors in forests all over the world, but starting close to home, right here in [your park or forest].  You will be asked to hike through the woods, anywhere from a very short distance up to miles away from the starting point, with the goal of deploying the sensors up in the trees, anywhere from 7’ to 10’ above ground, or all the way to the top (if you can).  Each time you deploy a sensor you mark the latitude and longitude (using App on your cell phone, for instance) and the approximate height at which it was deployed.  The coordinator [that’s you!] will tell you where to deploy the sensors.  You will be not only be contributing to the survival of forests, but to the reduction of greenhouse gases and global warming, which wildfires contribute to, and which push a vicious circle of still more wildfires.  You will NOT be asked to fight forest fires, rather you are helping to deploy a network of wildfire sensors.  The planet needs you!

Naturally, we’re here to help you with this!  There’s more to this than appears from the description, but we will help supply you with the information you need for a smooth deployment.  Remember, for instance, that you will almost certainly require a permit if you plan on deploying sensors on public, government-managed lands.  You will have to be the person or entity requesting the necessary permits.

Please contact us for more information and guidance!