Our products are currently undergoing a vigorous testing trial before we take them to market.  Please be patient and send us your contact information to be informed of the product launch.

Pricing Structures

We have made our sensor networks affordable to forest managers and homeowners with backyard forests around the world.  All data collected can be viewed on the Web by anyone.  There are several options for installing a Wildfire Watch Sensor Network at your forest (or grassland) of interest:

1)  You can buy the components of the network and with our easy-to-follow instructions install the network yourself (less expensive option), or, use volunteers (see Deployment), or,

2)  We can install the network for you, and much of what is described below would be taken care of by us.

3)  You can pay up front for each year’s access to the Wildfire Alerting System, or,

4)  You can pay monthly for the Wildfire Alerting System.

5)  You will have to pay for your Internet and/or cell phone charges to implement the network.

Components and Alerting Service Prices

Each sensor has an effective range of communication among neighboring sensors and with the Coordinator Base Station, depending upon how dense your forest is, and also upon how hilly your terrain is.  The sensors will have an effective range of 0.5 (very dense forest) to 9 miles (very open terrain, like a grassland), depending upon conditions, so you will have to experiment to determine the best topography of your network, and also take into consideration how soon you want to be alerted of a possible wildfire (i.e., the more sensors, the quicker the notice of a wildfire).  If you give us a very thorough description of your terrain, we can probably give you a good starting guess at the appropriate range on the number of sensors required.  If you don’t need as many sensors as you thought you would, you can return the ones you don’t need within 30 days.

— Each Level One Sensor costs $200.

— The Coordinator/Base Station costs $400 (you usually only need one, but it depends upon your needs).

The Base Station collects data from the sensors and sends data back to Wildfire Watch via the Internet.

— The monthly charge for the Alerting Service is $9.95 with 12-month agreement.

To give you an idea of sensors required to cover an area, according to our calculations, nine sensors and one coordinator should cover about one square mile, or 640 acres, although with experimentation you might find that over open areas (e.g., especially grasslands) the coverage would be much broader.  That would come to about $2,200 for initial cost, and for the first year and thereafter, $120/year for the alerting service.  The more sensors you purchase, the sooner the detection of a wildfire.

If sensors are lost due to a fire or other cause and need to be replaced, they must be done so at the customer’s expense.

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